PESHAWAR  -   Former president of Pakistan and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Asif Ali Zardari has urged party workers to be prepared to stand up against a possible conspiracy against the 18th constitutional amendment for slashing provincial autonomy.

He said this in a written statement read out at the 12th death anniversary of PPP slain provincial leader, former minister Qamar Abbas at Peshawar Press Club on Saturday.

The PPP provincial president Humayun Khan presided over the event while other leaders including former provincial minister Rahim Dad Khan, Nisar Safdar, Liaquat Shabab, Ayub Shah, Tahis Abbas paid rich tributes to Abbas.

In his message Zardari while recalling the services of Abbas, which he had rendered for welfare of the poor people, urged the party workers to fulfil the mission of the martyred leaders and prepare themselves for another practical struggle to save democracy.

He said that a selected government had been imposed on the nation through rigging and the parliament was disgraced through a conspiracy to pave way for dictatorship, adding that all kinds of efforts were underway against the 18th amendment, NFC award, provincial autonomy and for setting up a technocratic government.