LAHORE - A 2-day International seminar on business opportunities in Punjab will start tomorrow (Friday) in Lahore. Investors, traders, industrialists and representatives of financial institutions from China, Turkey, Pakistan and other friendly countries will participate in the seminar. Due to seminar, prospects of investment in different sectors of the province will increase and investors would be motivated for investment in different sectors.

Seminar will result in generation of economic stability and development and help in elimination of unemployment and raising living standard of the people. Memorandum of understandings will be signed for investment in energy, infrastructure, housing, transport, industrial zone development, mineral and mines and other sectors in the seminar. Holding of industrial seminar in Punjab is of historical importance, which will be addressed by experts of agriculture, industry and trade, which will result in opening new vistas of progress and prosperity of the province. Punjab is rich in agri and mineral resources and use of modern technology in these sectors is need of the hour.

Arrival of world renowned investors will usher in a new era of economic progress and prosperity which will result in poverty alleviation and availability of trained manpower in the country.