LAHORE: Imran Khan’s divorce a day before the local government polls and poor candidate selection have inflicted serious political losses on the PTI, say voters of different Union Councils of NA-122. A survey conducted by The Nation yesterday revealed two major reasons behind the defeat of PTI - Imran-Reham divorce and fielding of unsuitable candidates. The survey was conducted in the union councils of 83, 84 Ichhra, 91 Samanabad, 81 Waris Road, and 199 Shadman, which fall in the limits of NA-122.

Rabia, Khan’s supporter and a resident of Union Council 83 said, “The divorce was not good for the party. They should have waited at least till the outcome of the first phase of local government elections.” Ghazala, living in the limits of UC 84, said that this news made her and other women sad which is why they did not cast their vote. However she added the male voters of her family used their right of franchise. “Imran made the wrong choice at the wrong time. Though Imran is my leader but he and Reham damaged the party. It would be better if they waited for the conclusion of local bodies’ elections,” remarked Asif, resident UC 91.

“Khan will always be my role model among the politicians but he made the wrong decision which made me to withdraw my support,” said Kiran, resident of UC 81. Yusuf living in the limits of UC 199 was of the opinion that the divorce had demoralised a segment of the party including himself and he preferred to stay away from the electoral process. “Why should I vote if the candidate imposed by my party made his way into the electoral arena because of his financial position,” remarked Zubair, resident of UC 83.

Amir living in the limits of UC 84 sharing his opinion said, “I will never vote for a candidate who launched himself in my area few days prior to the polling.” “Imported candidates and imported items do not last long in our part of the country and that was the reason I did not to vote for an alien candidate,” said Ateeka, a resident of UC 91.

Asad from UC 81 said that the party has to face the same fate in the future if the leadership ignores the aspirations of locals for fielding candidates. “Our defeated candidates may buy their way into race but they can’t assure their wins,” said Feroz, resident of UC 199.

The official results for the first phase of Local Bodies polls is likely to be announced in two days, Punjab Election Commissioner Masood Malik said yesterday. He said that the results for the first phase of the Local Bodies polls are under the compiling process and hoped the same are expected to be announced in two days.