LAHORE (Staff REporter): Pakistan Flour Mills Association former chairman Dr Bilal Sufi has demanded of the government of Punjab to immediately increase wheat quota for flour mills, as food department is releasing limited amount of wheat to mills. He questioned how it was fair to give limited wheat to flour mills in the presence of 4.9 million tons of wheat with Punjab Food Department. It was not a wise step to fix wheat rate at Rs 1300 per 40 kg against Rs1280 in Sindh. Moreover, Punjab food department should also stop the fake wheat export policy.

At present even there is no restriction on export of flour to Afghanistan the only restriction is feasibility and competitiveness. Rate difference with international market cannot allow any export.

So, ultimately Punjab would have to reduce wheat rate, bringing it to Rs 1200 per 40kg.

He warned that if wheat quota is not increased for mills a convention of flour mills will be called in Lahore to decide about future programme. In case wheat quota is not increased and rates are not revised down by the food department the provincial government will suffer losses of billions of rupees.