LAHORE – Classical music of any culture or nation is always a treat for the year. German classical music has its own charm and soothes the nerves in a particular way that no other genre of music does.

The people of Lahore the other day had a rare treat of listening and seeing live performances of top German classical musicians. Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus (German Cultural Centre) the other day organised a German classical concert in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute Pakistan and Lahore Arts Council. In the classical string concert by a renowned string quartet, three solo and one group presented four German musicians performances.

The group comprised of members Sebastian Schmidt, Sabina Bunea and Martin Höfler perfomed on violins. Bernhard Lörcher will perform on cello, Friedemann Wuttke on guitar, Marcelo Nisinman on bandoneon and Felix Malte Matzura  performed on castanets. Programmes String Quartet Gmajor kv156, String Quarter Gminor G.205, Oblivision, Fiver Tango were also played in the hall.

Various musical Germany traditions, which had been nourished under different historical exigencies and conditions, were played together enhancing the tonal pattern that is becoming universally more familiar these days.

It was a good opportunity for the students and general public to interact with the German musicians and learn about their passion for music and their experiences of performing across the globe.

There were six musicians from Germany, Argentina and Italy. The performances of German band mesmerized the audience. The music with its high and lows seemed to be a dialogue of musicians among themselves that had all the harmony to give a soothing effect.

Talking to this scribe Argentinian bandoneon player, composer and arranger Marcelo Nisinman said they were visiting Pakistan to promote German culture. “Such events should be organised more regularly to promote cultural ties between Pakistan and Germany. The Germany takes pride because of its rich music history and culture of classical music. Human beings are meant to interact and connect with each other. This is the way to create good relationship between these two countries.   I speak my heart through my art and music,” Nisinman said.