Karachi went live on Snapchat on November 5th, 2015, along with CMA Awards. Multiple videos and pictures were posted by the always avid people of Karachi. This snap story includes videos of  a happy-go-luckyrikshaw ride, a guy making mouth-wateringparathas, a Karachi-ite expressing her fondness for chai and samosaas her breakfast, a local cloth market full of flamboyant colorful clothing pieces, a fashion house with opulentstitched dresses, teens displaying their traditional shoes and shalwarkameez, a vibrant camel by the beach saying ‘Hello Karachi’, youngsters playing cricket on a rooftop, a bunch of exuberant doctors after being done with their exams, wedding dholkis, dance practices and much more! Other locals were also seen enjoying cheese parathas, takkatak chicken, chaat, and even chaanapapri.

Snapchat also brought to the world, the Bahadurabad round about, the architecture of Frere Hall and the guard changing ceremony inside Quaid’s mausoleum along with a video of combined Maghrib prayer close to the sunset after Azaan.

#KarachiLive was just a little trailer of the city of lights. Karachi is far more amazing and beautiful:)

Said @AroobyDoobyDoo via Twitter.

Also, the amusing snapstory attracted some Indians. Here is what Khopra Winfrey ‏@ArqeJullab had to say:

There is hardly any difference between Karachi and Mumbai's snapchat story... striking similarity! #KarachiLive

While several people enjoyed the snapstory and thanked Snapchat for coming to Karachi, there was criticism too.

@RamshaPakistani says on Twitter:

Light naehai Kia khak story update kru! #KarachiLive#snapchat

The camel was actually saying: "ugh delete it" #KarachiLive

Says @SkyIsNeela

They picked the lame ones on purpose. ye eksaazish hay #karachiLive

Said @unlikeabel

Instead of regretting not sending in your snap stories, let’s just hope Snapchat comes to Pakistan again. Cheers!