Punjab police have foiled a bid to smuggle weapons for terrorism in Punjab, and arrested four suspects at interprovincial check post in Trimin in the precincts of Police Station Vehova, a top police official claimed.

The district police officer of Dera Ghazi Khan in press conference at Police Lines said the police had been informed that weapons in huge quantity from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the Punjab would pass through Dera Ghazi Khan. He said the Vehova SHO and DSP Taunsa Circle had set up pickets at Trimin, Moor Jhangi, Wajan Wala, Bukhara and Pull 22 Hazari in Taunsa Circle area. He said they had stopped two suspected cars of numbers V-8078 and LWE-2290 coming from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and searched cars. During search, Sub Inspector Saifullah along with Elite police team found 06 Kalashnikov, 54 pistols of 32 bore, 06 mauser pistols of 32 bore, 02 repeater-pistols, 500 bullets of Kalashnikov, 65510 bullets of 30 bore pistol, 500 bullets of 44 bore, 300 bullets of 222 bore, 1,500 bullets of 9mm, 500 bullets of 7.65mm, 500 bullets of 32 bore, 500 bullets of 6.35mm, 150 bullets of pin pistol, 160 bullets of 7.63MM, 210 bullets of mark-4, 450 bullets of 9x19MM, 12 magazines of Kalashnikov, 12 magazine of mauser 30 bore pistols and 108 magazines of 30 bore pistols from the secret chambers of the cars.

The DPO added that the police arrested four culprits including three brothers identified as Faridullah, Mateeullah and Farmanullah of Saray Norang Lucky Marwat, and one their companion Atif Rehman from the two cars. During interrogation, they revealed that they were taking those weapons for terrorists in Punjab.