ISLAMABAD - The former wife of Imran Khan blamed PTI chairman’s senior party colleague Jahangir Tareen for the divorce.

According to a private TV channel Wednesday, Reham Khan directly blamed Jahangir Tareen for the breakup of their marriage. She said Tareen was the one who wrote complete script of the divorce drama. She said Tareen was the one who gave Imran Khan wrong information about her and as she flew for London; Tareen advised Imran Khan to send divorce via e-mail.

On the other hand, Jahangir Tareen has categorically denied the news and showed disappointment on her statement.

“The issues between Imran Khan and Reham Khan were purely of personal nature, so how could I be blamed for playing any role in the private life of a family,” explained Tareen.

The PTI leader said he holds Reham Khan in high regard, adding it was unfortunate that she was accusing others for what happened between the couple.