LAHORE: A miscellaneous constitutional petition challenging suo motu powers of Supreme Court and High Courts (HC) has been filed in SC Lahore registry.

The petitioner barrister Zafar Ullah Khan has taken plea in his petition that the judiciary is an independent institution as per constitution. Judiciary is separate from executive. Prosecution department is subordinate department of administration. In the matter of suo motu notice it is bound to seek directives from judiciary instead of government. This is overstepping of its powers by judiciary.

It was further said in the petition that superior judiciary has no powers under constitution to hold trial. But the superior judiciary gives decision through summary trial in suo motu notices. This constitutes gross breach of article 10-A of the constitution.

It was prayed in the petition that superior judiciary powers for taking suo motu notice be nullified and this case be heard on priority basis in view of the sensitivity of the matter.