Prime Minister Modi did not leave any stone unturned at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. He is sedulously working to place India amongst the world’s super powers, and while doing so, he keeps reminding us of his humble beginnings as well. He has decided to physically take part in the nationwide cleanliness drive, (to be held on Gandhi’s birthday) where he, along with other bureaucrats, will take to cleaning some of India’s most notoriously dirty streets. Modi is triumphing in all the genre’s of his political career, as PM and creating an example for both his subjects and future politicians to follow.

Whereas just across the border in Pakistan, the road traffic comes to a standstill for hours, just before a political convoy is traversing the area and flights are made to wait for a politician running late. This ever-growing VIP culture is completely against the teachings of our Quaid, who worked endlessly, even in the face of his rapidly declining health. Today he is just a painting in a dusty old frame hung on the walls of dim-lighted, sweaty and corrupt government offices.


United Kingdom, September 1.