LAHORE - The special October number of the monthly Nazaria-i-Pakistan, entitled as “Dr Majid Nizami Number”, has been published under the auspices of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust.

This special number contains the essays, columns and impressions of people from different walks of life including the personages in power, eminent intellectuals, columnists and journalists, capturing the myriad aspects of life and services of energetic Pakistan Movement veteran, eminent journalist and former NPT chairman Dr Majid Nizami.

Moreover, the number also contains the rare pictures relating to the different phases of Dr Nizami’s life. This special number published under the editorship of NPT Secretary Shahid Rasheed and Dr Rafique Ahmad is its Chief Editor.

This special number consisting of 288 pages rises to the status of a historic document describing Dr Nizami’s life and services. It has an eye-catching coloured title, fine paper and elegant printing with a price tag of Rs500 only.

It is available with the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust, Aiwan-i-Karkunaan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan, 100-Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam, Lahore. The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust has been regularly publishing the monthly Nazaria-i-Pakistan for 14 years.