LAHORE - Gullu Butt, the man who is hated by everyone since the day he smashed the screens of many a vehicle parked outside the Minhajul Quran Secretariat in Model Towna few months ago, has apologised to the nation and members of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).

In an interview to a TV Channel on Saturday, Gullu Butt said that he was ashamed of his past and regretted his actions. He said that he targeted the vehicles in reaction to the torture he received at the hands of people out there.

“I am apologising to the entire nation. I am neither a criminal nor a criminal’s offspring. I am willing to fall in Allama Qadri’s feet to ask for his forgiveness,” he said, his both hands folded.

“Whatever I have done is in front of the media … I am ashamed of that, and ask the entire nation to forgive me.”

He said that he was keeping moustache as he liked them; was not a ‘don’ or a terrorist. He said that although he targeted many vehicles, he did not kill anybody. Answering a question, he said that he did not belong to any political party, although he did help people get their problems solved by the government functionaries. He is unmarried, has no source of income and is supported by his brother and nephews.

Gull Butt also shared a threat for his life, as it is getting impossible for him to offer prayers at mosque. “I want to move around like a free man,” he appealed in the interview.