LAHORE - PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz has said that every possible step will be taken for resolving the problems of traders’ community regarding taxes and price-hike.

Presiding over a meeting on Saturday, the MNA said that the sit-ins caused irreparable loss to the economy, adding that he would soon meet the Finance minister for resolving the problems of traders. He said that the traders’ community was backbone of the country’s economy. He said that by removing reservations and resolving problems of the traders, not only the economy of country would improve but common man would also get relief.

“Unfortunately, some brainless people involved in the sit-in politics even do not care damaging to country’s economy for their political designs and the whole nation is facing the consequences in the shape of price-hike and unemployment,” the PML-N leader asserted. He said that people had been disappointed due to the postponement of investment by foreign investors, especially the $32 billion investment by China.

Hamza said that he would personally monitor the prices of edible items on daily basis. He also directed members of the Price Control Committee to improve their performance by holding regular meetings so that relief could be provided to the common man. He directed his party colleagues, Pervaiz Malik and Khawaja Ahmed Hasaan, to meet the FBR Chairman and soothe the traders regarding their tax reservations.