MULTAN - Former president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi claimed on Saturday that former ISI chief Lt-Gen (r) Shuja Pasha ran election campaign against him from Lahore.

“I am not afraid of Gen (r) Pasha’s campaign. If he has any secret of mine, he has all the liberty to disclose it before the nation, otherwise he should stop his Lahore-based campaign,” Hashmi demanded while addressing a news conference here at his residence. Hashmi is currently vying for NA-149 seat that got vacated because of his own resignation from National Assembly. Although both the ruling PML-N and PTI have not fielded candidates for by-election, the former is supporting Hashmi and the latter another independent candidate Malik Aamir Dogar.

The veteran politician disclosed that he just once talked to Gen (r) Pasha on telephone during which the latter had warned that he would not spare Nawaz Sharif, Kh Asif and Ch Nisar.

He said that Shah Mehmood had recently held meeting with Gen (r) Pasha in Lahore but he was not afraid of Pasha-led campaign against him.

He demanded Pakistan Army to take notice of activities of Gen (r) Pasha. He said that during his telephonic talk with him he asked him as to why he was organizing PTI and if he was chief organizer of the PTI. “He could not answer my question,” he added.

He asked the media not to criticise him without any reason, adding that it was right of workers to stop him and hold his accountability. “As far as yesterday’s incident is concerned, the youngsters, who blocked my way, apologized from me,” he claimed.

He warned that the ‘Go Imran Go’ slogans would follow the Go Nawaz Go slogans in coming days. “But this kind of politics does not serve national interest whatsoever,” he asserted. He said that he respected Shah Mehmood but the nation asked him as to why he shied away from confirming his resignation sent to the speaker despite lapse of over two months. He said that he had told Imran Khan categorically that “I would resign from the assembly but no one else would do so.”

He said that there was not even a single member in the core committee of PTI who raised voice for the poor. He added that he was the poorest among all members of core committee and now PTI should constitute a core committee of the poor. He claimed that Shah Mehmood wanted to convert PTI into the party of his relatives and friends. Citing example of 1977 elections, he said that although Bhutto was a popular leader but he suffered serious setback when he granted tickets to 17 members of Qureshi family on recommendation of Nawab Sadiq Qureshi.

He anticipated that Shah Mehmood would get at least 15 tickets in the next election. He said that the way adopted by Imran Khan for bringing change was undemocratic.