A 55-year-old woman allegedly died of police torture and the bereaved family, flanked by a large of locals, placed the dead body at Civil Hospital Chowk to protest the police brutality. The Punjab Chief Minister has taken notice of the incident and has a sought report from the DIG Sargodha within 24 hours.

On the other hand, the police have registered a case against seven accused including police officials.

Reportedly, a team of the Atta Shaheed Police raided the house of Arshad in village 120 South for his arrest in a case registered against him in 2009.

Disappointed at failure to find Arshad, the police official arrested his 55-year-mother Basheeran Bibi and allegedly thrashed her due to which she died in the ‘illegal detention.’ Following the incident, the bereaved family members along with a large number of locals took the dead body to Civil Hospital Chowk where they blocked the road in protest against “what they called” police brutality. The protestors accused the police of killing Basheran Bibi and demanded action against the police officials responsible for the death.

The protest brought traffic to a halt on all arteries linked with the Chowk, causing severe problems for the passengers and citizens.

Meanwhile, Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident and sought an early report from the RPO Sargodha. On the other hand, the DPO suspended SI Mohammad Naeem, ASI Akram and other police officials while the Sillanwali Police registered an FIR against the police officials the Atta Shaheed Police who conducted raid and arrested the deceased woman on the application of the deceased woman’ son Irshad Ahmed.

Furthermore, a judicial probe into the incident has also been ordered by the higher authorities.