KARACHI (PR): Indus Motors Company (IMC) has asked its customers not to pay anything extra demanded by anyone to get a new car, a statement from IMC issued said.

It said that customers should understand the dynamics of the car market in Pakistan in order to be protected from ‘premium mafia. The company appealed to the prospective buyers of different Toyota models for help, by refusing to pay premium and booking their orders on partial payments through its authorized dealers for timely delivery.  An official statement made by the company said that an impression is being given as if IMC is benefiting from on money /premium being charged in the market; on the contrary IMC has been the loudest to voice against premium and the first company to offer partial payment bookings.

It said car premium is a menace that is hurting the industry. We have streamlined our production to ensure delivery of most models within committed period. The customers who are not willing to wait are exploited by the investors. Willingness to pay premium, not only contributes to an artificial price hike but also makes things difficult for other genuine customers who are waiting for their deliveries.

 The statement urged all customers to avail company’s offer of booking vehicle on partial payment and insist on delivery within committed time.

The company does face challenges also when it refuses to give priority to influential customers and requests them to wait for their turn as IMC treats every customer as a VIP and follows its policy of “first come first served.”

It stated that IMC is a law abiding and socially conscious company and its governance model cannot favor unethical practice. IMC will be running an awareness campaign for the potential customers to educate them so they do not submit to any unfair demands over and above the prices regulated by the industry. A customer hotline has also been set up for customers to lodge their complaints which will be handled directly by the Customer Relation department at Indus Motor Company.