GN Texas - A neuroscientist from Austin, Texas gave the love of his life a brain in a jar-a wedding gift that some may have trouble wrapping their heads around.

Michael Mack’s bride-to-be Meg Mack on the other hand thought the gift was the most unexpected, thoughtful, and unique gift she’d ever imagined.  Inside a jar meant especially for her was a 3D printed perfect model of her suitor’s brain. ‘There was bunch of stuffing in there and then I thought “Oh my God, this is a brain,”‘ said Mack.

Both Meg and her husband Michael are neuroscientists and Michael says he thought of the gift because his wife loves men for their intelligence and brain. ‘She judges people by their brain,’ said the groom to the Houston Chronicle. Both husband and wife work at the Center for Memory and Learning at the University of Texas in Austin so Meg was quickly able to identify just whose brain she was holding. ‘It was a little bumpy and weird and then I thought, ‘This is a 3D printing of his brain,’ she said. Not only did she recognize whose brain it was, she liked the way it felt in her hands and in her heart. ‘His brain was very normal and very good-looking; that was a nice bonus to have,’ said Meg Mack. ‘It was pretty symmetrical ... not having anything too weird in it.’ The jar now sits on the couple’s dresser in Austin and the couple are happy to share a life and a brain together.