Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Tahirul Qadri on Saturday asked former president Asif Ali Zardari to hold his tongue, otherwise he would take it out from his mouth.

Addressing the sit-in participants in Islamabad, the PAT chief lashed out at the former president, saying that Zardari’s politics is the produce of National Reconciliation Order (NRO).

Qadri told Zardari to shut up and said he knows how to seize someone’s tongue if not shut up. He said that Zardari’s alleged corruption is not hidden from anyone, adding that he knows everything about the “wealth stashed in Swiss banks”.

He said that Nawaz Sharif and Zardari were on the same page against the ongoing sit-ins. He said that the nation has been slaughtered with the knife of starvation and ignorance. He said it appeared that the nation was sedated through injection but the PAT protests have “awaken them.”

Dr Qadri said that from now on, the nation would stay awaken while the looters would have to go to sleep for good. He said that the oppressed have also been given the good news of the good future all because of the ‘revolution’.

The PAT chief said that the parties who won elections never implemented what they promised in their manifestoes. He promised to rid the nation of the looters after winning the elections.

Reacting to Qadri’s outburst against Asif Zardari, PPP chairman Bilawal twitted, declaring the PAT chief ‘cartoon’ who says one thing one day and completely the opposite thing the next day. Please ignore such hypocrites.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon said that Dr Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan couldn’t bring the revolution but they resorted to dirty language.