Suleman Khan writes from the heart; his article in an Urdu daily (Nawa-i-Waqt of 27-09-2014) talking about the quandary of hundreds of hapless children, who died in the recent floods, due to starvation was heart wrenching. Sadly, this had no effect on our rulers and so called parliamentarians who are still reluctant to decide on making dams to stop these floods from bringing large scale havoc to the country. They want to have everyone’s consensus, while in truth no steps are being taken to achieve consensus.

The failure of subsequent governments to build a single mega hydroelectric dam has led people to believe that our democracy cannot deliver. It is monumental failure of successive governments in not building a single dam, as no consensus can be achieved between provinces, in spite of heavy mandates claimed by our rulers. History teaches us that dams were built only by strong leaders who controlled central governments, be they in Egypt, China, USA, Yemen or even India.


Lahore, October 1.