ISLAMABAD - The general elections 2013 have been challenged in the Supreme Court with the pray to declare the polls null and void and punish those Election Commission of Pakistan officials as due to them the whole election had become doubtful.

A former judge of Supreme Court Mahmood Akhar Shahid Siddiqui, who was considered very close to former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, filed an application through Mian Allah Nawaz.

Election Commission of Pakistan, federation, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Nadra have been made respondents in the application.

In his petition, the former judge maintained that in 2013 general elections faulty magnetic ink was used, therefore, it is impossible to verify the votes and made the election questionable. He stated that due to inefficiency of the Election Commission the whole election process is non-transparent.

The petitioner prayed that in view of those aspects the general elections 2013 should be declared null and void and responsible officers be punished.

The petitioner pleaded that appropriate authorities be directed to initiate criminal as well as departmental action against the members of the ECP and those people who had negotiated and purchased defective ink from the PCSIR and NADRA and supplied to it to the returning officers/ presiding officers for use in the polling stations. "These ECP officials should be challenged and punished in court, so that these errors are not made again", the applicant further requested. The petition states that the applicant has been gravely affected by the last general elections on the account of gross illegalities, malpractices and violations committed by the ECP before holding the polling on May 11, 2013.

"Pursuant to the elections results, announced by the ECP, there was unprecedented protest in the country against these elections. All the political parties including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz contended that the election process was violated by unprecedented rigging misuse of electoral laws. On the account of unfortunate results of elections, extremely unpleasant and embarrassing conditions prevailed in the whole of the country."

Moreover, Siddiqui stated that the ink used by the presiding officers in the casting of ballot papers were defective and "suicidal" to the transparency to the electoral process.