Despite their failure to broker some settlement between the government and protesting PTI and PAT before Eid, the Political Jirga head Siraj ul Haq is still optimistic about the resolution of the standoff through negotiations and expressed his resolve to speed up efforts soon after Eid to have some negotiated settlement of the imbroglio.

Sources in the jirga informed The Nation on Saturday that they wanted to have a meeting with Prime Minister before proceeding further with their endeavour to break the impasse in talks.

Siraj in a media chat on Saturday said that the hiccups in the ways were enormous but expressed his confidence that they would once again make the estranged parties agree to resolve the issue through negotiations.

The sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed that soon after Eid the Jirga members would try to have a meeting with the Prime Minister and heads of protesting PTI and PAT to convince them to show flexibility on contentious points and if possible they would try to have direct negotiations between Prime Minister Sharif with Imran Khan and Dr. Tahirul Qadri.

The soruces in Jirga informed that the most irritating issue for them, which had added to their difficulties in cooling down the high tempers on all sides were the hostile statements coming from both government and protesting parties’ leaders.

The sources in Jirga said that now in their expected meeting with Prime Minister and then with the heads of PTI and PAT they would take up the issue of provocative statements of the leaders from both sides to help improve the talks environment.

The sources further informed that majority of the Jirga members considered that the government should show more flexibility to break the impasse but so far their was no such indication from the government side.