Islamabad - With only a day left before Eidul Azha, blacksmiths and knife sharpeners are having busy days in the federal capital.

Butchers are attracting a number of customers due to their decorated handles and sharp-edged instruments. Special machines have been installed at various shops to sharpen knives, axes, beef cutters, knives and meat cleavers along with selling barbeque instruments.

The sale of butchers’ appliances including knives, cutters and stand blades and oven, has recorded increase ahead of Eid-ul-Azha as those businessmen who were selling other items in different bazaars have also set up their stalls and sharpening machines to take advantage of occasion. Ordinary shopkeepers as well as professional blacksmiths belonging to far-flung areas and suburbs have rushed to sell these tools in different areas of Tarnol, G-13, I-10 Markaz, Aabpara, Melody, Bhara Kahu and Rawat localities. Talat Abbasi, a blacksmith in Aabpara, who was hammering on a burnt iron sheet to make a sharp knife, said, “We have got a contract to deliver 10 iron sheets and 20 different kinds of knife from a butcher house at Bhara Kahu ahead of Eid. Before Eid-ul-Azha, we have a very busy and hectic schedule, whereas we have less work during rest of the year.”

Another blacksmith Rauf Ahmad said that in this season he has high sale and saves over Rs 2,000 per day. Another stallholder, Noman Khan, said that these were exceptional days for them and they can do full business.  Similarly, vendors were seen roaming on bicycles to sell tools for sacrifice, besides offering services to sharpen the rusted slaughter equipment.

They demanded of the authorities to arrange special Sasta Bazaar as there is a huge demand of slaughtering knives and cutters ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.