Frivolous litigation is consuming a lot of valuable time of the courts’ proceedings which otherwise can be used to deal and decide important cases of national or public interest.

From a survey conducted on Saturday by this scribe, a large number of people including the lawyers indulge in frivolous litigation just to gain cheap popularity. Such kind of litigation does nothing for the welfare of state rather it increases the burden of already under pressure judiciary. Unfortunately, the real cases of public interest are ignored and the cases, filed only for the fake popularity, are given due importance.

Although the judicial authorities are making efforts to tackle this issue as three weeks ago it introduced a new policy to deal with the issue of pending cases, it does not seem that the judiciary could achieve its goal. Whereas, judicial authorities claim that by implementing new policy, it has disposed of as many as 8822 cases during the last three weeks.

But the sequence of the new filing and especially of frivolous natured petitions is continuing at high court level. Such parallel filing and disposal of cases will never help the authorities concerned to overcome the rising pendency.

During last one month, a number of frolicsome petitions were filed in the LHC and Supreme Court. A few days back, a lawyer moved a petition in the LHC and challenged the foreign visits of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members. He alleged that Nawaz Sharif and his family members promoted their personal businesses during official visits abroad.

The PM, along with his huge delegations, always books a special plane for his foreign tours and doesn’t bother even to travel in business class, contended the lawyer-petitioner. He also raised a question over the stay of the prime minister and his delegations at expensive hotels in London and other cities and pleaded the court to put the name of the prime minister and his other family members on ECL, so that they could not move abroad without prior permission of the court.

Legally the matter has a great significance as the premiere, being the chief executive of the state, should not overlook the economic crash and should think hundreds times before enjoying such privileges during his visits. But everyone knows that what will be the fate of such petition.

Similarly, another petition was moved to the LHC seeking inspection of the documents of the parliament members. The petition was entertained by the court and long arguments were made. It took much time of the court due to which many of the genuinely aggrieved persons remained unheard.

A citizen also filed a petition seeking a ban on the slogan of “Go Nawaz Go”. The petitioner says the slogan will cause anarchy in Pakistan while the freedom of expression cannot be unbridled. He also questions the right of citizens and workers of political parties to chant the slogan in public gatherings of ruling PML-N.

A few weeks ago, a citizen filed a suit in the lower court and the LHC and challenged the name of Maryam Nawaz Sharif furnishing the evidences that her name was Maryam Safdar, not Maryam Nawaz.

Sometimes political parties also intend to file petitions for gaining popularity for their survival in the society.

Judicial authorities should take effective measures and discourage those who seek for cheap popularity by filing playful petitions in the courts. Such matters can easily be solved either by tightening the checking of the documents required for a petition or by establishing a special bench for political matters.