SIALKOT-A delegation of as many as 46 male and female Sikh Yatrees from India visited Gurdwara Baabey Di Beri Sialkot here on Friday.

According to Sardar Jaskaran Singh, caretaker of Gurdwara Baabey Di Beri Sialkot, Sardar Nishan Singh led the delegation from Indian Punjab. He said that it is the first-ever delegation from Indian Punjab which has visited the Gurdwara. The Sikh Yatrees performed their religious ritual there. They also distributed sweets and charity foods there.

Several Sikhs also refreshed their per-partition memories. They also hailed the splendid hospitality of the government and people of Pakistan. On the occasion, they expressed gratitude to Pakistani government for looking after Gurdwaras and other sacred places of the Sikhs in Pakistan. They said that the minorities are enjoying complete religious freedom in Pakistan and acknowledged the sincere efforts of Pakistani government for protection of the basic rights of the minorities in the country.

They said that every religion of the world gives the lessons of love, peace, unity, integrity, brotherhood, tolerance, affection and respect of humanity.



Hundreds of nomad, marginalized, garbage-picking and dropout children-turned-school students paid rich tribute to their teachers during a prestigious ceremony held at CSDO School Talwaara Mughalaan-Sialkot here.

They also lauded the pivotal role of the teachers in social and national development. On the occasion, Coordinator CSDO Miss Amina Nousheen said that there is no alternative to the teacher in the World and teachers have always played a leading role in education, growth and character-building of the students.

She said that the nomad, marginalized, garbage-picking and dropout children deserve to be taken care of. They could also be good students and it is the moral and national obligation of all of every individual in the society to pay proper attention and respect to these children to enable them serve the nation and country in better way in future.

Assistant Coordinator Grephen Christopher told the participants that Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has been successfully running seven CSDO Schools under SCCI’s social arm, Child and Social development Organization (CSDO) here in Sialkot.

He said that more than 1,100 nomad, marginalised, garbage-picking and dropout children are now getting free of cost primary education in these schools.