LOS ANGELES-When dad is one of the most celebrated rap stars in the world and mum is reality TV wonderwoman Kim Kardashian , it’s a lot to live up to.

But it seems little North West has absolutely no intention of being outshone by anyone in the fashion stakes.

Out and about in a silk dress, trendy white trainers and choker necklace, the cool tot even sported a Fendi bag worth an eye-watering £1,500.

Aged only three, she is shaping up to be as fashion conscious as Kim.

And it seems that any hint of shyness had long gone West as Nori, as she is often known, joined mum for lunch at posh Capri in New York.

Although we suspect she may have preferred a McDonald’s Happy Meal, any diva-ish behaviour was quickly contained...by giving her a lollypop.

Dad Kanye West must be relieved his little lolly poppet looks a natural at handling fame and winning hearts.