SYDNEY-A tradesman who crashed his car in the Australian outback has survived after walking more than 100km (62 miles) in search of help, authorities say.

Thomas Mason, 21, had been driving on a remote track on Wednesday when his car hit a camel and rolled, police said.

Although not hurt, he was stranded about 150km from the nearest town in the Northern Territory.

He trekked for more than two days and resorted to drinking his own urine before being rescued, police said.

Authorities said he had walked between 100km and 120km when he was found by a search party late on Friday.

"I knew I was either going to be out there and die or get back to the highway and see somebody," Mr Mason told Nine News.

"[I was] thinking how long would it take for someone to realise I am not actually coming any more."

He said he came across a water tank and a water bottle on the road, but resorted to drinking his own urine when supplies ran out.

Mr Mason had been driving from a job in the Pipalyatjara community, in remote South Australia, towards Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, when the car accident happened.

His parents raised the alarm on Friday after noticing he had missed a flight from Alice Springs to Darwin.

He was found later that night on a small road about 37km from the Northern Territory town of Yulara.

Police said Mr Mason was treated for exposure and dehydration, but was otherwise in "remarkably fine spirits".