LAHORE - SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Iftikhar Ali Malik expressed the hope that Muslims in general and especially those in Pakistan will take the opportunity of Eidul Azha to forgive one another and foster peace and unity as prescribed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In his Eid message, Malik said “We should also pay tribute to our soldiers and the immortal sacrifices offered by valiant troops of the Pakistan Army, security forces, law enforcing agencies and the people at large will also be remembered with great respect and regards. They will be in our hearts and prayers, and we will make sure that their sacrifices do not go in vain,” he added.

He said the essential lesson of Eid is laden with shunning all differences between us and this sacred occasion exhorts us to promote harmony with the aim to inculcate love and affection for each other. “On this day it is incumbent on us to look after the less fortunate amongst us and make them part of our collective celebration. We should always remember that Eid is the epitome of collective happiness and its blessings should be shared as wide as possible,” he said.

Iftikhar said, “We should be committed to make the motherland a cradle of progress, peace and prosperity where everyone had equal opportunities to excel”. There should be respect for knowledge and justice to everyone, he added. He said all this would be possible when there was stability in the country, without political firmness, the realisation of social steadiness was not possible.

Highlighting the spirit of Islam, he said victory for Muslims begins only when they forgive each other for the sake of unity, and it is also encouraged that the spirit of forgiveness be practised among all humans, irrespective of their beliefs and ideologies.