Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has asked Japan to expand its development assistance portfolio with regards to Pakistan, especially in the areas of energy and infrastructure development. The Prime Minister said that he was looking forward to a greater level of cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan and Japan can certainly share knowledge and gain from each other. We have been on friendly terms with Japan and have always shown respect and cooperation and there is no reason why we cannot continue to do so.

The most important areas where Japan can share its expertise are trade, investment, development, security, energy, institution building. Japan is already one of three leading development aid donors of Pakistan with primary focus on education and health sector. This assistance can be enhanced. As the Prime Minister said, “Economic stability and implementation of Pakistan’s Development Agenda is essential for our success which in turn is vital for regional peace and security”. Thus Japan’s investments and assistance will be most crucial and Pakistan can benefit from it greatly.


Lahore, March 3.