These days opening a private school has become a good business venture. Here by private schools I do not mean the ones who have been established for many years, and have a reputable name, but the mushroom growth in lanes and small residential areas. As Pakistan has no law (at least none practiced) anyone, with some money, can open a school by renting a house and hiring low paid, not very qualified teachers. Most of these investors are not educated themselves and treat the teachers like domestic help.

By sending our children to these schools we are devastating their future, as a strong foundation can stand bad or lax education at a higher level but if the foundation is not strong students will flounder. What is more worrisome is the lack of professional educators and the standard of education for the lower and middle class students. They are not taught any manners or any other ethical values. These schools are no better than our government schools but are making money and dispensing rubbish.


March 29.