Its front is high resolution and in color. It does more than your phone. It monitors your heart rate. You raise your wrist and it wakes up.

The Apple Watch, which people have been waiting for, for years, will be available in stores across nine countries come April 24. The American tech giant claims to have made its most personal product - the first one designed made to be worn. But only time will tell if this move into a new sector will pay off for the company.

Recently, an intellectual property rights issue prevented Apple from using the word "apple" to launch its watch within Switzerland, the home of luxury watches. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, people bought 1.3 billion wristwatches in 2013. China makes the most watches and Hong Kong comes in second. Switzerland ranks third, selling watches at an average price of $791. Looking at the potential market, the Apple Watch, starting from around $350 makes sense. But is the new watch that pretty?

Apple knows how to make status symbols but I guess watches are different. People need a strong reason to buy an expensive digital watch. Obviously, when you spend above $350 on a customized watch, you’re looking for a status symbol and not just time.

Now, this watch, having super easy features, has already made an impact. We may criticize it but it surely will be fun because it’s different – like everything Apple ever made, it’s no less than a revolution of the internet era. But you'll still have to place an order online and have it either shipped to you or to an Apple store. Well, you can expect such attitude from the US tech giant. 

We all know that Apple can change markets. The company didn’t even care about established marketing techniques when Steve Jobs was in charge. Everything went well with the iPhone – a gadget that everyone had to have.

Toss it aside, watch the Apple Watch yourself.