LAHORE - PML-Q senior leader and Punjab president Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi has said that the parliament should announce support to Saudi Arabia through unanimous resolution, as Saudi Arabia has always sided with Pakistan in every difficult time.

In a statement issued on Sunday, he welcomed convening of the joint session of the parliament and said that Pakistan should sent a unanimous message to the whole world for the defence of the Haramain Sharifain.

Pervaiz said that all the Khadimul Haramain Sharifain including the incumbent King has extended all-out support to Pakistan in times of need, besides assisting Pakistan during wars with India, floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

In addition to that large number of Pakistanis were earning their living in Saudi Arabia for years due to which not only their families were living prosperous life but Pakistan government was also earning billions of rupees in foreign exchange.