Rawalpindi - Police during a special drive have arrested three shopkeepers on account of selling uniforms of law-enforcement agencies despite ban, besides filing cases against six Afghan nationals for illegally staying in country.

Moreover, police also booked some 16 house owners and tenants for violating 11 Punjab Temporary Ordinance 2015 and lodged cases against four others on charges of wall chalking, informed police spokesman on Sunday.

According to him, following the instructions of City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi, Police Station (PS) Cannt officials carried out raids at three shops and seized six shoes, six belts, four jackets, a bag and T-shirt of officials of armed forces and officials of other law-enforcement-agencies.

The police had also rounded up the three shopkeepers who later identified as Ghulfam, Ijaz and Waheed Ullah and registered separate cases against them under 18-A Punjab Maintenance of Public Order (amended) Act 2015, he added.

On the other hand, police during action against illegal immigrants have apprehended six Afghan nationals who have been residing in Pakistan despite expiry of their permits.

A case was also lodged against the illegal immigrants who later identified as Shehzad, Izat Ullah, Ibrahim, Gul Zaman and Aman Ullah.

Similarly, 16 houses owners and tenants were put behind lock ups on account of not providing the police with the rent agreement whereas cases against four were registered in Banni area and Kahuta under Punjab Wall Chalking Act, the spokesman added.