BAJAUR  -   Tarkhani and Utmankhel tribes of Bajaur tribal district have opposed the entry of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leaders in the district.  The decision to this effect was announced by elders of the Tarkhani and Utmankhel tribes including Malik Shaheen, Malik Fida Utmankhel, Malik Dalogul Salarzai, Malik Muhammad Yar Kasni, Malik Ayaz Bar Khlozo, Malik Sultan Zeb Lar Khalozo Malik Faqir, Malik Hafeezur Rehman, Malik Taj Tarkho, Malik Jan Sardar, Malik Abdul Wali of Kamar, Malik Naimatullah, Fazal Akbar and others during a press conference held here at Bajaur Press Club.

They maintained that peace have been restored in Bajaur district after unprecedented sacrifices by security forces therefore if PTM was allowed to conduct the rally or public address, there was every possibility of vitiating peaceful environ in the district.  They recalled that similar movements started in the tribal areas, tried to establish their roots in the society and misled innocent and simpleton tribesmen through social and welfare oriented work but later flee the area after polluting peaceful environment and emergence of TTP was simple example of this.

The TTP in its initial days did some good work in the areas where they establish their roots but later on, these parts of the districts totally ruin the environment. The tribal elders said that since Bajaur had become citadel of peace therefore we appeal PTM leaders to avoid their activities in peaceful district Bajaur and not to push it towards unrest disorder again. We have our own custom and traditions and we can address our problems abiding by our culture he said adding we have tribal elders, political parties and representatives of the youth to settle their problems on their own.