Toba Tek Singh-A woman gave birth to a child in a car after DHQ Hospital staff allegedly refused to admit her on Friday.

Fauzia from Pirmahal alleged that doctors and other staff of the districts headquarters hospital made her give birth to a baby in car.

“They (paramedics) refused to admit me,” she said, adding that they asked her relatives to take her to some other hospital.

MS Dr Muhammad Khalid said the relative of woman were asked to arrange blood but they took her to other hospital when she gave the birth.

Body found on Samundri Road

A bullet-riddled body was found on Samundri Road at Gojra late on Thursday night. Gojra Saddar police said they were alerted on phone call and found the body of Sadiq Ali from Chak 367 JB. Autopsy revealed that the body was hit by nine bullets. DPO spokesperson Attaullah told reporters that deceased’s motorcycle or other valuables were not taken away in case if it was dacoity bid however it was meant that it might be a targeted murder over some enmity. He added that the DPO formed a team to probe into the incident.