LOS ANGELES-Zara Larsson says she does not alter all her social media photos because she wants to show her fans she has imperfections too. Zara Larsson doesn’t filter all the photos she posts on social media because she wants her fans to see what she really looks like and realise she has imperfections just like them.

The 21-year-old singer tries to be a ‘’good role model’’ to her young female fans by not altering her pictures because she wants girls to be aware that celebrities are just normal people with flaws too.

In an interview with NET-A-PORTER’s digital magazine PorterEdit, Zara said: ‘’[It] is a great way of being a good role model - to show imperfections and not FaceTune all my pictures, because that’s not how I look. I want to be that, but at the same time, I’m also just a living woman in this world and even though I’m a role model for some people who might follow me, I’m affected by the standards of how a woman ‘should’ look like, what a woman ‘should’ do.’’

The ‘I Would Like’ hitmaker insists all women feel under pressure to look perfect all the time and she admits she won’t take selfies with fans without any make-up on because she suffers from zit breakouts