KARACHI - Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit Khan has said that 1,000 US Marines who will be coming to Pakistan will be deployed at US Mission in Islamabad. He said that there was no restriction on the number of personnel that a foreign mission could station at its mission but it is done through mutual understanding. The FO Spokesman stated this at Karachi Press Club on Wednesday while replying to a query relating to increase in the strength of the US personnel at Islamabads mission. This is perhaps for the first time that a foreign office official has visited a Press Club and replied the queries asked by the media in general. The foreign office spokesman usually briefs the media at its office in Islamabad. However, it is general practice that foreign ministers meet the media at any place or occasion they choose. The foreign office spokesman said that Pakistan had received credible information about outside interference in Balochistan and this has been reconfirmed from the NATO sources who officially hinted that arms and ammunitions were being smuggled to Balochistan from Afghanistan and reaffirmed the resolve we will serve and protect the national interests. Responding to a question, he said Pakistan-Indian dialogues were suspended after Mumbai attack but efforts were underway to re-start CMBs between the two neighbouring countries. There was a need of shifting the paradigm from conflict to cooperation as far as the relations between Pakistan and India are concerned, he added. He said that both Pakistan and Indian Prime Minister in their meeting at Sharm El Shaikh agreed and emphasized the need of dialogues between the two countries. The meeting also agreed to hold between the foreign secretaries of the two countries in New York in September this year where issues like Sir Creek, terrorism and Kashmir would come under discussion. We want to restart CBMs, he added. He said there should be no point scoring on Mumbai attack as Pakistan itself was target of terrorism and during current year about 340 persons had lost lives in 26 suicide attacks in the country. Responding to a question regarding America-India defence agreement, he said that Pakistan was keeping vigilant eyes on the agreement and it was not unaware of its defence. He, however, said that Pakistan did not want to join the arms race in the region. The Foreign Office Spokesman, however, made it clear that until the Kashmir issue was resolved there cannot be a lasting peace in the region. He said that we want to resolve all the outstanding issues with India, including that of Kashmir through dialogue. Abdul Basit Khan said that we want that the Kashmir issue was resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. He said Pakistan wants stability in Afghanistan, for stable Afghanistan was in Pakistans interest. Kalashnikove culture, heroin and human trafficking, all have links in Afghanistan, he said, adding that these issues were the result of 30 years war in Afghanistan, and for resolution of these issues Pakistan has planned trilateral talks with all the neighbouring countries of the region. There would be talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan and USA and later Russian will join Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey would also meet separately to discuss regional issues. Iran would also be included in talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan to discuss various issues of the region, he added. Production of heroin was the major issue in the region as 90 percent of opium was being produced in Afghanistan, of which 20 to 30 percent is being traded through Pakistan, due to which the around five million people have become drug addict in Pakistan so we want to root out this menace from our country, he added. He said that Pakistan has political and strategic relations with China but now it wanted economic relation with this time-tested friend. President Asif Ali Zardari had visited China thrice and now he will visit China in the current month. China is helping Pakistan in 120 projects and more than ten thousands Chinese are working in these projects, he said. Responding to a query, the Foreign Office spokesman said Pakistan was concentrating for good relations with European Union but currently it were restricted only to summit level. We want trade and not aid. We want free trade agreement with EU, he added. He said that Pakistan had suffered losses to the tune of 30 to 35 billion dollars in war on terror which also affected investment and export. He said that Pakistan-America relation had improved after Obama administration came into power. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have also improved. USA wishes long term strategic relations with Pakistan. The people of Pakistan should get the benefits of these relations, he said. Replying to a question, the spokesman said that Pakistan has traditional relations with the Islamic world. He said Friends of Pakistan will meet in Istanbul on August 25 where it will present a pilot project to seek assistance for re- construction and rehabilitation of displaced people in the Malakand division and hoped that the project will be approved. He said that with the coming of the democracy, the foreign policy has earned advantage and has helped in creating consensus across the board in the country. The people of Pakistan have appreciated military operation in Malakand and Swat. Replying to a question about Dr Aafia Siddiqui, he said, We are ready to cooperate with her but also want cooperation from her side and added that government had offered to bear her full legal expenditures.