LAHORE - Baloch people have always been betrayed by the dictators notwithstanding the fact that they expressed their solidarity with the federation and remained loyal to the country. Shah Zain Bugti, the grandson of late Nawab Akbar Bugti and President Balochistan Jamhoori Watan Party stated this while addressing a seminar organised by Istaqlal Party at the Lahore High Court Bar on Wednesday. Former Law Minister SM Masud, President Istaqlal Party Manzoor Ali Gillani, President LHCBA Justice (r) Nasira Iqbal, former President LHCBA Ahmad Awais, secretary General ANP, Ehsan Wyne, Hameedudin Almashriqi, and Secretary General PDP Nawaz Gondal also addressed the participants of the seminar. Zain Bugti shed light on the miserable plight of the Baloch and said their leaders, whether it was Noroz or Akbar Bugti, have always been bluffed by the military rulers. It is time that the Baloch should be given their rights. He said no Baloch was getting any assistant from India and they were true Pakistan who had voted to merge with Pakistan during the partition. He criticised Pervez Musharraf for victimising the Baloch only for his personal gains. He said Akbar Bugti wanted royalty on gas and other resources as a right of the Baloch people and not for his self. The Balochistan royalty from the Federation stands at Rs 2550 billion, he said adding, they also have a right over Gwadar. Shah Zain strongly dispelled that Punjabis were being targeted in Balochistan and accused the FC in this respect. He said Punjabis in Balochistan were entitled equal rights and protection as others. Manzoor Ali Gilani in his address called upon the rulers to hear voice of the Baloch leaders who are sincere with the country and wanted it to be integrated. Gillani also got a resolution carried on the occasion to seek immediate end to the operation in Balochistan, as it was no solution to any problem in that province. Emphasising implementation on the Charter of Democracy (CoD) as a means to strengthen the institutions, he regretted that both the major political parties signatory to that are reluctant in this regard despite the fact they had come to power to act upon the same. About the submitting of NRO before the Parliament, he said, looters of the public money would not be let go scot-free. He said the people are the true parliament and they would not let the looters devour the national wealth. Gillani also expressed deep concern over the attempts being made to malign the lawyers movement and its fruit and resolved to resist the same with tooth and nail. SM Masud found the tug of war in the institutions to overstep authority of other a major factor of instability in the country. He said Pakistan needs stability to save its future as in the fight to capture oil and other resources of the Middle East and Central Asia the stage is going to be set and Pakistan occupying a very important geo-strategic location therein. He blamed the dictatorial rule for always pushing the country to American flank and selling out vital national interests to it. He termed refusal to Russian visit by the Prime Minister in 1951 a bad one at a time when Stalin-led Moscow was highly hostile to India and Pakistan could have made gain out of it. He said the extra-ordinary leaning to America has developed such a situation for Pakistan wherein the matters of redrawing its borders in Western and Eastern Indus are on the rife in the western media today. Justice (r) Nasira Iqbal also called for giving provincial autonomy to Balochistan and dispensing with the concurrent list of the Constitution. She blamed Musharraf for doing the worst with Baloch people. Ehsan Wyne said Baloch people were patriotic and that if nationalist parties raised their voice it was not separation but for their rights. He said sense of deprivation previously broke the country into two and the same feeling in the Baloch must be addressed if we dont want to repeat the history.