ISLAMABAD - Dozens of blind people here on Wednesday staged a protest demonstration in front of State Bank building against the Banks high-ups for non-issuance of ATM cards to them as well as not allowing them to open bank account. Blind persons demanded of the government not to deprive them of their basic rights. It was hot summer day but protesters showed their firm determination for the cause of their rights and staged a strong protest demonstration, which was continued for more than an hour. They chanted full-throated slogans against the State Bank and in favour of their demands. Participants of the protest were carrying placards inscribed with different slogans, like State Bank develop accessible banking policy for blind, State Bank not giving them permission for ATM cards The protest demonstration was organised by Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blinds Demands and its chairperson Saima Ammar led the show. Speaking on the occasion, she said blind people were not allowed to open bank accounts and they were being deprived of ATM cards on the basis of blindness, which is regrettable. She said, We are blind by eyes and not by minds thats why we have rights to utilise ATM cards and open bank account individually. She demanded equal behave with blind people likewise State Bank is treating with other people living in the country. Ali Raza, a young blind, while talking to the media persons said, Blind people are striving hard for the development of country as we did in past but government is paying no heeds towards our plights. He said in all over the world ATM (electronic machine) are available for the blind people, which help them in keeping privacy but in Pakistan State Bank turned a blind eye towards their problems being faced by blind persons while dealing with banks. Blind people also demanded that blind friendly software should be introduced to promote accessible online banking for them. It is relevant to note here that the protest continued for more than an hour but officials of the State Bank could not bother to come out and listen to their demand. However, some female workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaff, carrying their party flags in hands, joined the demonstrators and expressed solidarity with them.