ISLAMABAD - The election campaign for the workers union of CDA has reached its climax, as the three contestant panels are holding more than six workers meetings a day. A tough match is expected between two of the three rival competitors, namely CDA Mazdoor Union and Employees Federation of CDA, for the office of Collective Bargain Agent (CBA) of the CDA. A CBA, often known as workers union, is union of workers of a public organisation that bargains with the administration of the organisation on behalf of its workers. Employees of a public organisation up to scale 15 are eligible to vote in the election. As much as 11,700 employees of CDA are eligible to cast their vote in the election of CDAs CBA to be held on August 8. The election campaign would end by August 6 today)s night. The CDA Mazdoor Union has nominated Chaudhry Yaseen and Aurangzeb Khan for the slots of Secretary General and President of the CDAs CBA, respectively while Raja Noor Elahi and Amanullah Khan are the candidates of Employees Federation of CDA for the said slots respectively. Pundits closely observing the election to CDAs CBA expect a tough match between the above-mentioned rivals. Chaudhry Yaseen, whose term of office as Secretary General of CDAs CBA expired recently has significant support of CDA workers for a number of reasons. It was he who compelled the CDA administration to approve Rs 500/month allowance for electricians, sanitary workers, computer operators, Huffaz and the like. The CDA administration also distributed plots among CDA workers and enhanced the Haj quota from 5 to 25 during his term of office as Secretary General CDAs CBA. The other contestant for the slot of Secretary General CDAs CBA, Raja Noor Elahi has strong support of the stalwarts of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. Pundits opine that workers would prefer to cast him votes keeping in view the support of rulers for him. As many as 27 poling booths have been set up for the election including the two polling booths set up in Murree and Simly Dam. Top office-bearers of the two main contestant unions are so busy in conducting workers meetings that none of them could be contacted at the time of filing the story. An office-bearer of the CDA Mazdoor Union informed that they had planned to hold eight meetings today (August 6) while five meetings were held yesterday. Both the main contestants are spending huge amounts on their election campaigns, about which an insider informed were provided by lobbies behind them. The said unions have also collected donations from their supporters in CDA.