PESHAWAR - At least three persons including wife and brother of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud were killed and several others injured when US drone missiles hit a house in Zangara, a village in Sara-rogha tehsil of Ladha, South Waziristan Agency. Four missiles fired by a US drone hit the house of Ikramuddin, father-in-law of Baitullah Mehsud, at midnight Wednesday which resulted in death of three persons and injuring several others. As per local residents, wife and brother of Baitullah Mehsud were among the killed persons. They also said that Baitullah was seen in the house on Tuesday last. However, nothing was known about his present whereabouts, they added. Some other reliable sources said that several others including children and local tribesmen were also among the killed. Immediately after the incident, the local militants cordoned off the house and didnt let the local tribesmen to contribute to the rescue activities. It may be mentioned here that two missiles fired by the US drone had hit a hideout of Baitullah Mehsud in the same village on July 7, 2009, killing around 16 local and foreign militants in the incident. AFP/Reuters add: The second wife of Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed in the US drone attack. However, a relative said Baitullah Mehsud was not present when the US missiles killed his wife. Baitullah is safe and alive, Iqbal Mehsud, a cousin of the militants dead wife, told Reuters by telephone. The house targeted Wednesday belonged to Maulana Ikram-ud-Din, father-in-law of Mehsud, in Laddah village in South Waziristan. We have confirmed reports that the wife of Baitullah Mehsud died in this US drone attack, said an administration official in South Waziristan. A senior Pakistani security official told AFP that the target was warlord Mehsud, but had no confirmation on whether he was at the property when the attack happened or whether he was hurt. A senior intelligence official in Peshawar strongly doubted whether Mehsud would have been foolish enough to frequent the house of someone he was known to be close to. Officials confirmed initially that two militants were killed when at least one missile slammed into the building at around 1:30 am. Iqbal Mehsud, a nephew of Ikram-ud-Din, said Mehsuds wife was killed and four of Ikram-ud-Dins grandchildren were wounded, but said he had spoken to his uncle, a pro-Taliban cleric, and he was safe. Warlord Mehsud took Ikram-ud-Dins daughter as his second wife late last year. Mehsud has no children by his first wife. The house was destroyed in the attack and local residents said Mehsuds men cordoned off the site and were sifting through the rubble. The use of airpower is a contentious issue in the conflict raging in the ethnic Pashtun tribal lands straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan, as the guerrillas melt into the population and civilian deaths can harden support for the Taliban. US missile attacks on Mehsud territory in South Waziristan have become more frequent in the past month. Pakistan has also bombarded the militant stronghold with air raids and medium-range artillery. US drone attacks had hitherto mostly targeted lands held by Taliban leaders from the Wazir tribe as their territory borders Afghanistan and they have been more involved in the Afghan insurgency. The army has sealed roads around Mehsuds mountain redoubt and villagers have fled the area, but as the days have dragged on, doubts have grown about whether the army intends to launch a full-blown assault.