LAHORE- The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday said that the policies are always a catalyst of socio-economic change and should be made keeping in view the larger national interests and without any vested motives. In a statement issued here, the LCCI President Mian Muzaffar Ali said that all over the world, the policies are made for the well-being of masses but unfortunately our policies in the last over six decades have failed to deliver for obvious reasons. Had we been able to think beyond tomorrow, the situation would have not been so pathetic. Citing the example of education sector, the LCCI President said that the education policy had been ignored in the past despite the fact that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has taken a number of steps for the promotion of education including the establishment of Danish Schools but it is a peanut or like a drop in the occasion and calls for more steps if we have to survive. If we have any desire to be developed one day, we need to realise today the power and impact of education on any nations development. Same way, the LCCI President said that the Trade Ordinance 2007 had just proved a piece of paper and could not do any good for both the trade and industry while if it was made and implemented with proper consultation with all stakeholders, it would have changed the socio-economic conditions of the masses considerably. For instance, there should be a change in the voting rights for the businessmen. There should be four classes that are Corporate Class, Associate Class, Permanent Members and Temporary Members in the Trade Ordinance. The status of a corporate member should be given to those who have at least 50 registered employees and every member having 10 registered employees should be an Associate Member while others having more than five years membership of any trade body should be treated as Permanent Member and those who have one-year membership should be Temporary members. The later two must not have any voting right. And if any change is made in the Trade Ordinance, it should cover all the segments of the society and the common man should be the ultimate beneficiary because our people are suffering due to multiple factors and they must be taken care of if we have to develop. Every citizen must have social security card which is common in many countries of the world where one cannot even open a bank account in the absence of social security card what to talk of free education and free health facilities.