ISLAMABAD - Tragic deaths of ten Pakistanis in a bid to go abroad illegally, signify that its high time to bring the hoax visa agents to book. It has been frequently witnessed that the fake visa agents keep mushrooming off and on, followed by the half-hearted attempts of the quarters concerned to take them to the task. Last year, as result of the news items unveiling the presence of fake visa sellers, published in TheNation, FIA had launched a crackdown against these dealers who were forced to wind up. At that time, the FIA officials had claimed that the trade of hoax visas had been completely eliminated and would not rise again. However, it is observed that after every few months, such elements mushroom gradually and the media reports regarding the fleecing and looting of simpleton masses by such shrewd dealers see the light. The tragic demise of ten Pakistanis, who were trying to reach Emirates through Iran via sea route for the purpose of finding jobs, is yet another horrifying manifestation of lust for money, that leads the perpetrators to go to any extent. A local agent in Punjab had reportedly took twenty thousand rupees from the simpleton people in the recent sea incident, while the boat carrying dozens of Pakistanis broke down in the middle of the sea, and resultantly, took the lives of the poor Pakistani nationals who died of hunger and thirst amid intense weather. A few months back, another such case came to light when dozens of our countrymen locked in containers, died of suffocation while traversing the borders, when the visa dealers were illegally transporting them to Greece. In the past, several similar incidents have kept occurring when the visa agents gobbled the hard earned money of the people, stuffed them in containers and escaped after obtaining money. Some authorised visa agents here told TheNation that due to the denial of visas to numerous Pakistani in the wake of existing security situation, the human smugglers and hoax visa agents find an opportunity to exploit the masses by luring them with false promises about sending abroad. In the present circumstances, most of the visa applications are refused and the poor applicants fall prey to fake elements, and are killed while crossing borders or when locked in small containers visa dealers reported. Strict action against such unregistered visa dealers and human smugglers with proper surveillance on the border areas could stop the sale of illegal visas as well as cross borders human smuggling, which gives a bad name to Pakistan besides taking precious lives.