Third Schedule of the country's longest surviving constitution enforced in 1973 contains texts of oaths which the president, PM and several others are supposed to take before entering into their respective offices. Oaths of the president and PM are more elaborate and comprehensive than others, as the president and PM of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are necessarily and essentially to be the Muslims having firm belief in the Unity and Oneness of Almighty Allah, Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Day of Judgement. All those taking oath of the respective offices also solemnly pledge to bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan (and not to the civilian or military government irrespective of how these come into power). Furthermore, they also pledge to perform their duties in accordance with the constitution and the law, and always in the interest of the sovereignty and prosperity of Pakistan. This poor scribe is more concerned with the above last paragraph pertaining to the constitution, the law as well as the sovereignty, and prosperity of Pakistan just to ask a very pertinent question: do all of them honour their oaths in letter and spirit? The answer to this, most unfortunately, is in the negative by and large. This has become all the more relevant in the circumstances in which Pakistan has been lunged by Musharraf and the present regime in the War on Terror launched by US in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. The War is being fought by the US led international coalition of which Pakistan has been forced to be an active member, suffering a great deal in the process and forced to offer more and more sacrifices on being asked " do more and still more." One could go on mentioning a lot more bitter realities but without indulging in repetition of what is known to everyone around here including those treading the corridors of powers. In this context, one may request all those mentioned at the very start of this article that they should and must honour thy oaths. It is better to die fighting for defending the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity and ideological frontiers of the motherland than to be subservient to the dictations of those "allies" living thousands of miles away forcing their presence in the region for casting evil eyes on our nuclear assets and containment of China. The rulers would be well-advised to rely on their own people, be true sons of the soil and stop taking dictations from the US and other western countries. The writer is a freelance columnist