KARACHI - Karachi University (KU) has planed to bring drastic changes in the examination system of the varsity, and in this regard, Rs 15 million have been allocated to assure the security and transparency. The KU administration has also decided to resume graduate level supplementary examinations to facilitate the students. Moreover, the examination system will also be linked with NADRA in 2010 to improve its efficiency and fairness. KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui and KU Controller of Examination Prof Dr Nasir Khan expressed these views while jointly speaking at a press conference on Wednesday at KU Guest House. Dr Pirzada said that Karachi University was facing severe quandary in term of conducting internal and external examinations. It is also an affiliating and examining body and at present, as 145 colleges and institutions are affiliated to the University. The University approves the courses of studies for these institutions and examinations are also conducted under its auspices. KU Controller of Examination Professor Dr Nasir Khan said that the computerised badge code card would be issued to enrolled candidate till the finalisation of degree. This coded card would be the admit card for the examination and these cards can be scanned at the back of issued degree, he added. He said, For the improvement of examination system, there would be data computerised bank in which, hundred and thousands of selected concerned questions to feed and through random draw would be made. In this way, the paper reading / proof reading, which involve huge financial involvement, would reduce. Overall expected budget of the directorate could be half of the existing budget expenses at the present overall of affiliation and examination/ registration, enrolment. The implementation of the system will not only upgrade the prestige and image of the university but also the student would be more facilitated in future. The project of separate directorate should be started immediately to manage the proper examination at the isolated separate place so the departments of University of Karachi be saved accordingly. The most feasible suggested place for this project is the area adjacent to Bhayani Heights side gate where the students examination excess will be easy. About 15 to 20 thousands students appeared regularly every year and this is an increasing factor for future. Probably we are spending about 30 to 40 million every year. Director General (DG) will work as head of the directorate (examination department), he will be responsible to look after the overall system and the controlling authority with prior approval of competent authorities means vice chancellor, he said. The DG will be assisted by Director Enrolment/Registration (DE&R), Director Affiliation (DA) and Director Examination (DE), he said and added that each department would have 17 Admin Officers, 16 Deputy Admin Officer, 14 Assistant Admin Officer and Technical Staff as per requirement. He said that all directorates would work online for Registration/ Enrolment to finalisation of degree. Talking about the system, Dr Khan said, It is a multi user system and has different levels of access based on the entitlements of the user. All members have there own Login IDs and Passwords. These ID / Password are generated by the system at the time of Account Creation. The User after entering the User ID and Password are authorised based on the entitlements granted to the user. Directors and deputy directors have limited number of options as per their requirement.