Karachi - The MQM has demanded inquiry into 1992 army operation and the cases against responsible persons. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, MQM Coordination Committee said that those are seeking reopening of cases against MQM workers abolished through NRO should also included in the cases of thousands of party workers killed during 1992 army operation. Those hatched the conspiracy of Jinnah Pur map including army officers and politicians should be held accountable and the journalists who accomplished the agenda of agencies though the publication of false map of Jinnah Pur must be accountable before the court. Judges of Supreme Court who had not considered the petition of MQM filed in 1994 against the violation of human rights should be answerable before the court. MQM workers and leaders are capable to face any circumstance as we did in the past. We are not against the reopening of cases and if we are found guilty, give us punishment but the responsible of killing of 15000 innocents should be present before the court. The then prim Minster Nawaz Sharif assured MQM that operation is against the bandits of interior Sindh but he started operation in Karachi in which thousands of party workers and even the brother and nephew of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain were killed in extra judicial killing.