ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said that the government would support unanimous resolution for Musharrafs trial under Article 6 of the Constitution. He said this while responding to the speech of Ch Nisar Ali Khan, the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly. Ch Nisar had asked the government to invoke Article 6 against former president Pervez Musharraf otherwise PML-N would table a resolution for the purpose in the current session of the Lower House. The Prime Minister Gilani said that if the House unanimously brought a resolution, the government would implement it. He said that he was with the Parliament on the issue. He also said that the media had asked him question about Musharrafs trial but he had responded that his party would decide the matter. He said that when media asked of his personal opinion, he had told that he would give his opinion in the party meeting. On corruption charges in the government departments, Premier Gilani said, If we are found guilty of anything, we are answerable to the Parliament as we believe in its supremacy. He said that since the National Accountability Bureau had become non-functional, it did not mean that there was no process of accountability. He said that he had directed the Ministry of Law and Attorney General of Pakistan to hold meetings and bring its recommendations before the Parliament to do legislation for a new accountability law. He said that under Article 91 of the Constitution, he and his cabinet members were answerable to the National Assembly of Pakistan. He said that he would ask the relevant ministers to satisfy the Parliament on the alleged corruption reports. The Prime Minister said that the judgement of the Supreme Court was being implemented in full spirit immediately after the verdict, the government had appointed the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court while the other judges would also be appointed. He said that to show that the ruling class was not living a luxurious life, he had formed a committee comprising the four chief ministers and Advisor on Finance to suggest austerity measures in the government departments. Prime Minister Gilani said that since he firmly believed in supremacy of the Parliament, the members should inform him if any thing was being done while by-passing the Parliaments authority. He reiterated that he was against the 17th Amendment and Article 58-2(b) of the Constitution and strongly supported the charter of democracy. He said that before he met Indian Prime Minister in Egypt, he had consulted all the political leaders in the country. He said that according to the national political leaderships advice, he had told Dr Manmohan Singh that dialogue was the only way forward. He said that there was a need to make bridges and not walls and the two countries should not restrict their thinking and also consider other important issues like poverty, unemployment and disease that needed to be tackled for the welfare of the two nations. Earlier, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in his fiery speech asked the government to initiate case against former President under Article 6 of the Constitution and must not miss the opportunity to win the credit of his trial. He said that if the government did not take action against Pervez Musharraf under on the charges of high treason and subversion of the Constitution, PML-N would table motion in this respect in the ongoing NA session. Speaking on a point of order, Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that the Parliament was being used the way as it was being used in the past. Parliament can become supreme through practical steps not by mere verbosity, as the decisions are taken somewhere else and Parliament is being used as rubber-stamp, he remarked. He noted that the government had two opportunities before it to win peoples support, one was to restore Chief Justice of Pakistan but due to wrong policy of PPP, its credit went to someone else. The second opportunity was also missed when the Parliament could not take decision for sending the PCO judges home while it was a popular demand and now endeavours are being made to take credit of it, he added. He said that the time was still with the parliamentarians that they should move forward with Musharrafs trial in the light of SC verdict. It was clearly laid down in the Constitution that Article 6 could be invoked for initiating proceedings against the violators of Constitution, he said adding that the government was providing facilities to former president Pervez Musharraf rather than taking action against him. He said that even if the army was providing protocol to its former chief by providing in-service military personnel and it could be held accountable as it was under the Ministry of the Defence. He said that the Supreme Court (SC) had declared Musharraf guilty but on the other hand government was providing all the perks and facilities to him. Prime Minister should clarify if the facilities being provided to Pervez Musharraf were also available to any other former president, he questioned. He also criticised the statement of Ch Shujaat Hussain without naming him in which PML-Q president had said that no verdict of SC could stop the way of one military jeep and two trucks. He said that as Pervez Musharraf had protected the interests of the US and UK rather than the interests of Pakistan, therefore, it was the responsibility of those countries to provide him protection. Musharraf meted out inhuman treatment to politicians but now we, politicians, are even reluctant to punish him for the crimes he has committed, Nisar added. He said that all political parties had welcomed SC verdict, therefore, Musharraf should be put on trial under Article 6. If we did not implement this decision then dictatorship would frequent the country, he observed. He requested MQM to support the trial of Pervez Musharraf saying that Musharraf was in Army but did not oppose military operations against MQM. He also revealed that Pervez Musharraf, while being chief of army staff during PML-Ns second term, had given the strictest proposal to him and Mian Shahbaz Sharif against MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain but the PML-Q command had refused to act upon it. Chaudhry Nisar said that the government should improve its efficiency, as there was lack of good governance in various departments and called for early setting up of Anti-Corruption Department in place of NAB. The opposition leader also criticised the government for failing to resolve the power crisis affecting the people as well as the industrial and agricultural sectors. Commenting on India-Pakistan relations, Nisar Ali Khan said Pakistan was a respectable country and if India was not willing to re-start the composite dialogue process, the former should also show no urgency. He said that the judiciary of the country was independent, therefore, Indian leadership had no right to indulge in raising accusing fingers at Pakistan in connection with Hafiz Saeed case. PML-Q Chief Whip in the National Assembly, Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada said that the martial laws had been imposed in the country in the tenures of PPP and PML-N. If the both major political parties do not give direction to the nation and fail to resolve peoples problems, no power could stop the arrival of military in future, he added. He said that his partys president Ch Shujaat Hussain had rightly said that SC verdicts could not block the way of military trucks. Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM said that it was only MQM that had opposed referendum of Musharraf and had also boycotted local bodies elections in 2001 while PML-N had taken part in those polls. He said that his party supported Pervez Musharraf when he was given constitutional status by the Supreme Court. He said that the whole world knew that in which partys regime military operations were conducted against MQM in which more than 15,00 of its workers were killed. *