FRAGMENTS of Britains late Princess Dianas wedding dress are being sold for 15,500 [$26,250]. The collage of off cuts from the gown, which Diana wore for her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles, is being sold on internet auction site eBay, but the price has been cut to ensure a quick sale. The site advert includes the comment: Seriously reduced for quick sale The fabric is being sold by Gavin Young for his mother and father Pam and Doug. The couple were handed the pieces by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, who designed the iconic bridal gown, as a gift for helping them with childcare as they prepared for the nuptials. Included with the remnants is a letter from Elizabeth. - expo Gavin originally tried to sell the pieces in 2005, but insists the plan at that time was to make people aware of them. Gavin had been planning to display the pieces in America but it has not worked out and they have been kept in a bank vault. He explained to Britains Daily Express newspaper: If I put it on display I have to be with it 24/7. My parents tried to get it insured years ago but no one would. Thats why it is in a bank vault. Dianas actual dress is on display at the house she lived in when she was a child in Althorp, Northamptonshire, England. This is not the first time clothing relating to Diana has been auctioned. In 2005, a replica of her wedding dress, which had a 40m silk taffeta train, was sold for 100,000 [$100,000]. - expo