BAGHDAD (AFP) - Ten people were killed, including a woman and six policemen, in violence across Iraq on Wednesday, Iraqi police said. In the deadliest attack, a roadside bomb exploded as policemen were travelling by car through a market in the southern Baghdad neighbourhood of Dora, killing five of them and injuring eight other people, including three policemen, a police official told AFP, requesting anonymity because he is not authorised to speak to the media. In the restive city of Mosul, one policeman was killed when three gunmen in a car opened fire on a police checkpoint in the north of the city and then fled the scene. The shooters then moved on to a second checkpoint in the area, which had been informed of the violence nearby, and entered a gun battle with police there. Two of the three gunmen were killed in the clashes, while a third was injured and arrested by police. A man who worked at a pharmaceutical factory in Mosul was killed and two other people injured after a sticky bomb attached to their car exploded on a road 10 kilometres north of the town, a local policeman said. A car bomb Wednesday morning in Ramadi killed a woman and wounded four other people, including two policemen, a local police official said. The explosion, near a mosque in the centre of the city, also destroyed two cars. In Hilla, police Lieutenant Kadhim al-Salami said 11 pilgrims and their minibus driver were kidnapped by gunmen in Babylon province on the way to Karbala for a religious festival, but a provincial police chief later denied reports. No such incident was registered, no accident like this happened and nothing like this was reported since the start of the security operation (four days ago), Babylon police chief Major General Fadl Raddad al-Sultani told AFP. We have deployed 18,000 security officers, and today, 2,000 more people arrived to protect pilgrims.