A mob in frenzy goes on rampage again to destroy Christian settlements in Gojra, killing innocent people. As is always the case, they falsely accuse the Christians of having blasphemed or desecrated the Holy Quran. I condemn these acts while I wonder why these incidents are becoming so frequent? Just a few weeks ago, it was Bamnianwala near Kasur. We cannot forget the other incidents either that happened in Rahim Yar Khan, Shanti Nagar, Bahawalpur, Murree and Taxila, Sangla Hill, Sukkar and many other places. The question arises that having lived peacefully for more than a hundred years, why are the minorities being targeted now? The ministers come and sympathize with the victims and promise to compensate financially and repair damages. As always, they keep assuring the victims that the culprits shall be duly punished. Ministers come and go but the culprits never get caught, nor the victims ever fully compensated. -FR ABID HABIB, Lahore, via e-mail, August 3.