islamabad (PR) - When two big names come together, there is bound to be some sort of magnetism in their meet up and that is exactly what the MOU signing between WWF and Roots IVY International proved to be today. Leading the WWF team was Hammad Naqi Khan, CEO of WWF followed by Rab Nawaz, director, Asma Zaidi, senior manager, Sharjil Farooq Malik, Manager CP MF, Mohammad Qasim, regional manager, Maham Tanveer, in charge WDP and Taseer Ali, in charge SOP.

Speaking about the collaboration, Khadija Mushtaq, CEO of Roots

IVY International Education Network addressed the audience that the MOU would add on to the overall experience the schools provides the students

with. The holistic experience would enable the students to become “complete individuals” because it is time to take ownership of the Earth and help conserve the natural assets and bounties we have been blessed

with. The IVY eco interns also shared their experience about the ongoing eco internship with WWF.

Shedding light on what sets WWF apart from the other organisations, Hammad Khan accentuated that WWF believes in having dialogues and partnerships with various other groups. He explained that it was the self-interest and the ignorance of his generation and the one preceding that which has made it more important to learn about sustainable development today. With their offices based in 28 different cities in Pakistan alone, the WWF is determined to fight for the protection of Earth.

The MOU aims to bring environmental education into focus followed by a chance for the students to be a part of Eco Internships and Eco brain busters which will elucidate them about conserving nature and bringing back the sense of loving nature and studying it up-close.